3606 Cat / Ariel in Operation at Godley, Texas

Running 90% of the time on electricity avoids 90% of emissions.

Decrease Emissions

Stricter air emissions requirements at all levels of government are driving all of us to look for smart energy solutions that demonstrate our commitment to reducing emissions and protecting the environment while continuing to deliver natural gas.

The Dual Drive technology can provide the flexibility to permit facilities in a variety of ways, depending on the complexity of the site and natural gas quality. By limiting engine runtimes, the Dual Drive provides potential permit reduction of NOx emissions, yet still achieves fulltime operations through the combination of the gas and electric engine.

As an example, a site could be permitted with the gas engine authorized to operate at 10% runtime and the electric engine at 90% runtime; thus achieving significant NOx reduction over an 100% gas-fired engine. In some cases this NOx reduction could help the site avoid Title V or complicated permitting requirements.